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The forms below are available as Microsoft Word documents (DOC), Microsoft Excel (XLS), and Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

The PDF forms can be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat. PDF formatted documents contain the same text as the original printed documents. To view them you must have a PDF viewer which is available free from Adobe. Click here to learn more about Adobe Acrobat or to download the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat viewer from the Adobe Web site

Forms for the 2014-2018 Grant Cycle

The following forms and resources are for use with Municipal Alliances completing a community needs assessment. For further instructions and guidance, please contact the County Alliance Coordinator in your county.

Needs Assessment Guidelines (pdf 390KB)  
Logic Model Form  (pdf 576kb)
List of Statewide Data Sources (pdf 25KB)  
Training #1 PowerPoint (pdf 3MB)  
Municipal Alliance Capacity (pdf 63KB)
Municipal Alliance Planning (pdf 50KB)
Municipal Alliance Implementation (pdf 109KB)
Municipal Alliance Evaluation (pdf 58KB)
Municipal Alliance Program and Budget Modifications (pdf 48KB)
Strategic Plan Instructions (pdf 73KB)
Strategic Plan Packet (pdf 1MB)
Training #2 PowerPoint (ppt 3MB)
Forms for Participating Municipal Alliances To Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

The following forms have been created specifically for use with recognized Municipal Alliances. A recognized Municipal Alliance is one that works with a County Alliance Coordinator in the creation of the Annual County Alliance Plan.

The Municipal Alliance Strategic Plan is available for use only by Alliances that are actively working as part of the county effort. Only municipalities who have completed the Alliance Needs Assessment and have created priorities through their Municipal Alliance Committees should submit a strategic plan.

Form 1A- Municipal Alliance Cover Page (pdf 649kb)
Form 1B- Municipal Alliance Resolution (pdf 93kb)
Form 1C- Statement of Assurances (pdf 41kb)
Form 1D- Fiscal Requirements (pdf 40kb)
Form 2- Vision and Mission (pdf 589kb)
Form 3- Membership (pdf 1mb)
Form 4- Municipal Alliance Logic Model (docx 125kb)
Form 5- Municipal Alliance Committee Capacity Assessment Tool (pdf 470kb)
Form 6- Coordination Plan (pdf 591kb)
Form 7- Action Plan (pdf 1mb)
Form 8- Budget Summary (pdf 584kb)
GCADA Logo : (Encapsulated PostScript 122kb) (pdf 59kb)