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Each year the Council recognizes Volunteers of the Year for exemplary service to the State's Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Program. The grassroots network of Alliances and its volunteers are more critical than ever in helping to communicate and execute the systems necessary to evoke environmental change in communities across New Jersey.

Their voice, energy, and commitment are powerful and necessary as we undertake the critical work of the Council and continue to spread the message that "Addiction Does Not Discriminate" as reflected in our statewide public awareness/anti-stigma campaign.  

2019 Volunteer of the Year Awards

It was an honor to recognize these volunteers at our 2019 Volunteer of the Year Awards ceremony at the September 15th GCADA meeting. It was a beautiful and inspiring event that celebrated the extraordinary passion and dedication of the 2019 honorees. We were also so pleased to have Tiffany Enemuo from Morris County, the First Place winner of the 2019 New Jersey Shout Down Drugs music contest, perform her original song, Had It All.  Tiffany’s passion for singing translates into her involvement in musical theatre.  Tiffany aspires to become a medical doctor one day so that she can do her part to make the world a better place.

W. Cary Edwards State Volunteer Award

This year the Council also celebrated the ninth year of honoring the W. Cary Edwards State Volunteer of the Year Award recipient.

It was Cary's vision to create a network of community-based efforts to address alcoholism and drug abuse, the Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Program, and a dedicated fund for it, the Drug Enforcement and Demand Reduction Fund.  Cary's vision has been replicated throughout the United States and resulted GCADA's Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse being the largest network of anti-drug coalitions in the nation.

The 2019 Cary L. Edwards State Volunteer of the Year went to Kathleen M. Pittaluga of the Dennis Township Municipal Alliance in Cape May County.

Kathleen M. Pittaluga lives in Dennis Township and worked as the Dennis Township School District School Social Worker for 30 years. Kathy has been an essential part of the Alliance for many years. Her contributions as a volunteer include planning and organizing events for the community. She has consistently volunteered for Dennis Township Alliance events, including National Night Out and Peer Leadership. Kathy also works behind the scenes. She has provided valuable information and input regarding the needs of Dennis Township during the needs assessment and helping create the Alliance logic models. Kathy has even completed quarterly reports, which she did in the early 1990’s on a typewriter! She is an example of how grassroots volunteer work can impact a community. Her contributions to the community make Kathy a deserving recipient of the W. Cary Edwards Statewide Volunteer of the Year Award.

2019 VOY Awards Photos

2019 VOY Awards Program